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Good Boy Farms opens on Black Friday and welcomes customers Thursdays thru Sundays until we are sold out for the season.

Monday-Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 12:00pm-5:00pm

Friday-Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm-5:00pm

Pick Your Tree

Customers can opt to either tramp through the fields with a hand saw and pick out their perfect tree, or select from our supply of pre-cut trees next to the netting booth. There will be a tag on each available tree which lists the species, height and price of the tree.

Netting Booth

Whichever you choose, bring your tree over to the netting booth where one of our staff will put it through the tree shaker, getting off any bugs or loose needles. We can also net your tree for you for a $3 fee — great for tying trees up on roof racks!

Merch Shop

Our staff will bring your freshly shook (and netted, if so chosen) tree to the merchandise shop, where you can peruse our selection of tree stands, live wreaths, décor, and gifts. Don’t forget to take advantage of our 5% military discount (applicable toward trees only)

Stay a While!

After purchasing your items, you can stow your tree in your car or use the twine we supply to tie it to the roof of your vehicle. Then head back to the merch shop, grab some free cider and relax by the fire! Snap some family pictures and make it an outing to remember.

Please note some important details:

  • We are closed Monday thru Wednesday

  • Please only cut tagged trees, so that our baby trees have time to grow!

  • Please use provided hand saws only; personal chainsaws and electric saws are not permitted

  • Customers must tie trees to roof of vehicle; farm staff are not permitted to do so

  • Pets are not permitted during hours of operation — please leave your furry friends at home or in your vehicle!


noble fir

Nobles are known for their strong, upward pointing branches — perfect for ornament-hanging. They have great needle retention, but not as much natural fragrance.


douglas fir

Douglas Firs tend to be fuller than Nobles with soft branches, best suited for lightweight decor. The classic Christmas tree.

norway spruce

Norway Spruces are hardy trees with tight needles all the way around sturdy branches. 


grand fir

Grand Firs have soft branches with pine needles that lay flat. Particularly known for their rich fragrance.


our trees

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