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The Good Boy Gazette | JAN 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friends at Good Boy Farms!


Our 2022 season was a whirlwind, full of unexpected twists and last-minute solutions. The first twist in the plot happened in late October, when we realized that our usual tree shearers were not going to come through for us this year. Chris and Josh had to jump to it to trim all of our trees with only weeks to go until opening day. Thankfully, they had picked up some of the basics from watching the crew last year, but it was certainly a situation which required learning on the job.

Then, only 2 days before we were scheduled to pick up over 500 pre-cut trees from our supplier in Oregon, we got news that their helicopter broke down. This mechanical failure made it impossible to get all of the trees from their massive fields to the trucks that were to take them to their destinations all across the country. We anxiously awaited news, praying that the helicopter could be fixed in time for us to still get our trees by Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, we decided we needed to switch to Plan B and try to get whatever trees we could from a different supplier. Miraculously, through a connection of Josh's dad, we were able to secure 350 pre-cut trees from a tree farm in Salem, OR. Josh and Brad immediately jumped in the car, drove to Oregon and had the trees back here the next day. The cherry on top was that these trees turned out to be gorgeous! We were (and are) so thankful for Tucker Tree Farm coming through for us.

Due to the smaller number of pre-cut trees this year (and having low inventory in the fields as we wait for our little guys to mature), we were only able to stay open for 8 days until we were completely sold out! We were sorry to disappoint families who had hoped to come later in December to hunt down their tree. It is our goal to remain open longer and longer each season. Next year, barring any more last-minute scrambles, we will succeed in that goal! Thank you for your patience and support as we learn, grow, and plant as many trees as we can.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we just have to say one more time, how grateful we are for our amazing extended family, staff, volunteers. There is so much happening behind the scenes that doesn't get acknowledged enough!

Tim St. Peter Shelley St. Peter Brad Hansen Vicki Hansen Kiley Tchang Alisha Gaffin Richard Gaffin Heather Top Brianna Carlson Gaby Eaton Erin West John Smith Will Nix Stephany Dyess Janelle O'Hara Jameson O'Hara Jeremy Dawley Travis Westman


What's next, you may ask? We get a few weeks of down time, then we jump straight into planting season at the end of January! Stay tuned...

Your friends at Good Boy Farms,

Dave, Janet, Chris, Nicole, Josh & Kristi

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